Step One: Gather Materials

Does your school qualify to win a Fab School Labs makeover? Great! Let's get started.

First things first, before starting on your application, we suggest you read through the contest rules and regulations. Also, we need to make sure your school is on board. Talk to your school principal or administrator about the program and ask them for a letter of consent to include with your application.

As part of your submission, you must include a creative video or photos, along with a written essay to help tell your story. Videos will need to be submitted via a video link (YouTube or Vimeo) and may not exceed two minutes in length. Photos are limited to 20 per application. Note: Videos can take time to develop and upload, so make sure you have uploaded your videos to the web and submitted your applications by the correct deadline.

Most importantly: be creative, truthful, enthusiastic, compelling, positive and relevant. And, be sure to collect any additional documentation may be required with your submission based on the contest rules and guidelines. For instance, if using logos, music or other copyrighted material in your video or photos, written permission to use by the copyright owner is required.

Meanwhile, you can check out last year’s winning submissions inspiration.

Step Two: Apply

Submissions will be accepted online through this website. Applications will be accepted beginning May 1, 2016. The deadline for online applications is June 17, 2016.

Step Three: Rally Support

Once you have completed your application, how do you win?

Later this fall, up to 25 finalists will be chosen and their videos will be made available for viewing and open voting by the public on our Facebook page (). The public votes, and uniqueness and originality of the video are among the criteria to help determine the five winners of the science, technology, or engineering lab makeover. Judges will also consider the information you provide in your essay and videos as to how the makeover will help teachers meet primary course objectives, and whether the school will be able to incorporate any new or innovative teaching methods into the subject matter.

You don’t have to wait for voting to begin to start gathering support for your school. In fact, start rallying support now by inviting family, friends, other teachers, parents, etc., to like our page so that when voting begins, you and your supporters are ready to vote. Also, be sure to check back for updates on the finalist selection and voting information.

Step 4: Win!

Win one of the five grants and you’re on your way to receiving a Fab School Labs makeover!

Be creative, gather your supporters, and get ready to make STEM dreams come true.

Good luck!